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How to Crack CTET Exam 2024 - Check Study Plan and Preparation Tips

How to Crack CTET Exam 2024 - Check Study Plan and Preparation Tips

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How to crack CTET exam? - The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET). The CTET exam is one of the most popular TET exams in the country. Nearly 29 lakhs of candidates appear for the CTET 2024 exam every year to get CTET qualifying certificate to apply as teachers in government schools. The validity of the CTET qualifying certificate has recently been changed to lifetime validity. However, to get qualify for the CTET exam, applicants look for answers to questions like How to crack CTET exam? how to prepare for CTET at home? How to prepare for CTET paper 1? How to prepare for CTET paper 2? etc. Read the full article that is given below to know how to crack the CTET exam 2024.

How to crack CTET Exam in first attempt - Preparation Tips

Follow the following CTET preparation 2024 tips and strategy for better exam preparation.

  • Develop self-confidence and improve in weak areas.

  • Hard work is the key factor in success.

  • Refer proper CTET preparation material

  • Analyse the previous question pattern and strategise preparation accordingly.

  • Practice sample papers and mock tests regularly.

  • Assess preparation on a routine basis.

  • Avoid distractions coming during exam preparation.

  • Cooperation of well-wishers when demotivated.

CTET Exam Pattern 2024

As per CTET 2024 exam pattern, there will be two papers of CTET:

  • Paper I - teacher for classes I to V.

  • Paper II - teacher for classes VI to VIII.

CTET paper I exam pattern 2024

Subjects of Paper-I

No. of MCQs

Max. Marks


Child Development and Pedagogy (compulsory)

30 MCQs

30 Marks

2 hours & 30 minutes

Language I (compulsory)

30 MCQs

30 Marks

Language II (compulsory)

30 MCQs

30 Marks


30 MCQs

30 Marks

Environmental Studies

30 MCQs

30 Marks


150 MCQs

150 Marks

Note: Optional language-I and Language-II out of 15 languages given in the list.

CTET paper II exam pattern 2024

Subjects of Paper-I

No. of MCQs

Max. Marks


Child Development and Pedagogy (compulsory)

30 MCQs

30 Marks

2 hours & 30 minutes

Language I (compulsory)

30 MCQs

30 Marks

Language II (compulsory)

30 MCQs

30 Marks

Mathematics & Science (for Mathematics and Science teacher) OR

60 MCQs

60 Marks

Social Studies/Social Science (for Social Studies/Social Science teacher) OR*

60 MCQs

60 Marks

OR*: For any other teacher - either (IV) or (V)

150 MCQs

150 Marks

Note: Optional language-I and Language-II out of 15 languages given in the list.

How to prepare for CTET - PAPER- I & II

Some important points to note on how to prepare for CTET exam:

  • Paper-I (Classes I to V) Exam Pattern: Subject-wise It is a computer-based online exam.

  • It consists of objective type questions.

  • There will be two papers, Paper-I for classes I to V and Paper-II for Classes VI to VIII.

  • A person who intends to be a teacher for both levels (classes I to V and classes VI to VIII) will have to appear in both papers.

  • The questions will be set both in English & Hindi except for the English Language.

  • There is NO negative marking for the wrong answer.

  • The Main question paper shall be Bilingual (Hindi/English).

CTET preparation 2024 Strategy & Tips for CTET Paper - I & II Exams

Preparation Strategy & Tips for Child Development and Pedagogy

The Child Development and Pedagogy subject is the most important for the CTET exam, here are some tips on how to prepare for CTET Child Development and Pedagogy. Before starting to study CTET, aspirants must go through the previous years’ CTET questions papers to be aware of the nature of questions and topics which are more important. In previous years, most questions were asked from topics like inclusive education, assessment & CCE, teaching methods, thinkers & thoughts, NCF & gender-biased, etc. The CTET candidates should also adopt the strategies and tips given below:

  • Go through the detailed syllabus and understand every topic.

  • Analyse previous years’ questions trends to understand the important topics.

  • Clear every concept of confusing topics to have command over.

  • Solve previous years’ question papers to be familiar with the nature of questions.

  • Practice model papers or mock tests to assess the learning and speed of preparation.

  • Revise studied topics regularly to have in memory afresh.

  • Check preparation progress regularly.

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Preparation Strategy & Tips for CTET Language-I (English) and Language-II (Hindi)

  • The CTET aspirants must know the important elements of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).

  • Gain confidence over the syllabus like reading passages on prose or drama, and poems for understanding questions on comprehension, inference, grammar, and verbal ability.

  • Study in detail about the pedagogy of the English Language Development including learning & acquisition, principles, the role of listening and speaking, etc.

  • Study and analyse previous CTET questions papers to know the details about the topics for prioritization.

  • Make a practical timetable that can be executed.

  • Revise in a planned way regularly.

  • Practice model papers or mock tests to check the preparation progress.

Preparation Strategy & Tips for Mathematics Paper-I & II

Who to prepare CTET Mathematics and then analyse the question papers. The following plan and tips will also help in preparation:

  • Practice as many questions as possible because mathematics is the subject that demands more and more practice to build up confidence.

  • Take care of speed in solving questions as a limited time is provided in the exam.

  • Assess your learning with the help of checking the mock test results.

  • In case of scoring under 80 to 90% accuracy of result in mock tests, revise the topics time and again.

  • Always try to solve easy questions first in the first round and then move to tough ones in the second round if time remains.

Preparation Strategy & Tips for EVS of CTET Paper-I

The Pedagogy of EVS is challenging in comparison to other topics of this subject. So give more attention to this part and also cover class I to VIII of NCERT geography in detail in addition to NCERT- EVS class-I to V. The other important topics are static G.K., general science, natural resources, distance and direction, arithmetic reasoning, etc. Other important points which play a deciding role in making strategy are:

  • Identify weak areas of CTET syllabus topics that require special attention for study and revision.

  • Make notes in points during the study.

  • Always consider yourself a guide or mentor.

  • Go through the quality books recommended by the previous CTET exam qualifier or cracker.

Preparation Strategy & Tips for Science Paper-II

Science is the complementary part of section Mathematics & Science of CTET Paper-II from which 30 questions are asked for 30 marks and 30 from Mathematics. The topics of the Science syllabus are from NCERT books and questions are from basic class VI to VIII standard. The pedagogy section’s questions are of moderate level and others are of easy to moderate difficulty level, so every aspirant must keep these things while preparing for this exam. Some other strategies and tips are:

  • Go through the syllabus of the Science portion and keep in mind while studying that topic.

  • Plan preparation of important topics of Science as per their importance noted in previous papers.

  • Solve all questions and problems including practicals given in the Science best books for CTET exam.

  • Practice mock tests or sample papers twice a week.

  • Find out weak areas and reschedule their study and revision.

Preparation Strategy & Tips for Social Studies/Social Science of CTET Paper-II

Social Studies/ Science is the main subject for Paper-II in the CTET exam. It is opted by the candidates of Humanities or Art groups. It consists of 60 questions of 60 marks as each carries one mark. The questions asked in this CTET question paper test the candidates’ knowledge of the subject. This subject is divided into main 4 areas like History, Geography, Social & Political Life, and Pedagogical respectively. The strategies and tips that help in CTET exam preparation are:

  • Note the important topics of the syllabus from all the above-mentioned areas.

  • First, prioritize the noted topics and prepare them, and revise them.

  • Practice sample papers/mock tests regularly and also check tests’ results to assess preparation progress.

  • Revise weak areas frequently and check performance in the next mock test.

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Setting up a goal for CTET helps aspirants in many ways like:

  1. A set goal helps you stay focused.

  2. In overcoming delay.

  3. Measures study and preparation progress.

  4. Setting barriers against distraction.

  5. Managing time as per schedules set for preparation.

  6. It motivates in scaling milestones.

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How to Study for CTET exam preparation?

How to Improve Reading Speed: This is important as the syllabus is vast and aspirants need speed to cover it. Some habits that help are

  • Concentration and focus.

  • Use a timer to gauge your reading time.

  • Learn to skim through the important facts.

  • Practice till the desirable reading speed is achieved.

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How to Make your own Study Timetable?

  • Divide the syllabus into Paper-I and Paper-II.

  • Next, make a chronological classification of subjects, topics, and sub-topics of all three tiers syllabus according to strong and weak areas.

  • Put the chapters subject-wise in months and topics/ subtopics in weeks and days categories.

  • Incorporate revision time.

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How to Schedule Revision for CTET Preparation?

Revision is the most important element of preparation for the CTET exam. The concepts, facts, and other information studied have to be revised to avoid forgetting them. A gap of 9 to 15 days in between two revisions may cause forgetting some of the topics learned.

Practice Sessions: Revision every 15th day and every 3rd month with not just study material but mock papers, past years' question papers will make the CTET study plan better.

  • Daily Revision Schedule

  • Weekly Revision Schedule

  • Monthly Revision Schedule

How to Evaluate Study Progress for CTET Exam?

By Evaluation of Learning: CTET aspirants must check their learning progress and evaluate their preparation from time to time (weekly and monthly). For this, they can take a mock test and previous questions asked from a particular topic and solve them. They need to check their capability of answering - hundred percent correct, or fifty percent correct as well as how many questions they could not answer. As per the test result of that topic they can reschedule that topic for study or revision.

By Evaluation of Speed: Mock tests are the best tools to evaluate speed as well as for improvement. Aspirants need to solve papers within a set time limit and gauge their performance. They should strive to improve on it with every test they take till the target is achieved.

CTET Previous year paper analysis

With the help of the CTET previous year paper analysis, aspirants will get to know about the difficulty level of the question asked. With that they can plan their preparation level accordingly. The CTET exam analysis is available for subject wise.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How to crack CTET in first attempt?

To crack the CTET exam in first attempt, aspirants should plan and keep best CTET study materials and dedication will help the candidate to crack the CTET in first attempt.

2. Where can I get the CTET exam crack material?

The CTET exam preparation material is nothing but books, previous year question papers books and others, these are available on online and offline stores.

3. CTET exam is conducted in which mode?

The CTET exam is conducted in offline mode (Pen & paper).

4. What is the best way to CTET exam crack?

The CTET preparation idea has been given in the above article. Pls go though it.


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Questions related to CTET

Have a question related to CTET ?

No, completing a Hindi Pandit course alone wouldn't make you eligible for the CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) 2024. To be eligible for CTET, you typically need to have a Bachelor's Degree in Education (B.Ed.) or be in the final year of a B.Ed. program.

  • Candidates must have a B.Ed. degree with Hindi as one of the school subjects in the B.Ed. program.
  • Candidates must have a B.Ed. degree and a graduation degree (like B.A. or B.Sc.) with Hindi as a major subject.

Yes, clearing CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) would be beneficial for you, even though you have a B.Sc. (IT) and a B.Ed. in Chemistry and Biology with a method qualification from your college for Chemistry.

CTET is a mandatory requirement for applying to most government teaching jobs at the central and state levels .Many private schools also prefer candidates with CTET certification.Clearing CTET opens doors to a wider range of teaching opportunities in schools across India, not just for Chemistry and Biology but potentially for IT subjects at the higher secondary level .

I hope it helps!

Yes, you are eligible for the TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) post for the Social Science subject with your qualifications. The minimum qualification for TGT posts typically requires a graduation degree with at least 50% marks in the relevant subject and a B.Ed. degree. You have an M.Com which fulfills the graduation requirement. While your B.Ed. is in Accounts and Commerce methods, having cleared the CTET Paper II in Social Science demonstrates your eligibility to teach the subject.

CTET acts as a national eligibility test for teachers. Clearing CTET with Social Science in Paper II specifically qualifies you to teach that subject at the TGT level.

I hope it helps!

No, it might not be possible to choose a different exam center for your CTET exam and have Assamese as your Language 1 if your exam center is in Delhi. CTET exam centers typically offer specific language options based on their location.
Since your exam center is likely to be in Delhi, the available languages might not include Assamese.

I hope it helps!

Dear aspirant !!

Hope you are doing good !

Candidates who have appeared or are appearing in the final year examination of the qualifying degree are also eligible to apply provisionally . Contact your teachers at your college they will make you all clear about the same . If you are in final year only then you are eligible for the ctet .

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