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SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Check Complete Salary Structure Here

SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Check Complete Salary Structure Here

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The SSC stenographer salary 2024 is the remuneration given to candidates who qualify for all the stages of the exam and get recruited. The salary of SSC stenographer 2024 consists of basic pay, dearness allowances, house rent allowances etc. In this article of SSC stenographer salary 2024, candidates can check the allowances, job profile, career growth, in-hand salary and more information.

SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Check Complete Salary Structure Here
SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Check Complete Salary Structure Here

The pay scale of SSC Stenographer 2024 for Grade "C" is Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 and Grade "D" is Rs. 5200 to Rs. 20200. The Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC Stenographer exam to recruit candidates for Stenographer Grade “C” (Group B- Non-Gazetted) and Stenographer Grade “D” (Group C- Non-Gazetted).

SSC Stenographer Salary 2024

From the following table, candidates can get to know the SSC Stenographer 2024 salary for Grade C & D posts. The salary of both posts of stenographer is given below:

SSC Stenographer Salary 2024


Pay Scale (INR)

Grade Pay (INR)

Gross Pay (p.m) (INR)

SSC Stenographer Grade ‘C’


4200 (Pay band 2)


SSC Stenographer Grade ‘D’


2400 (Pay Band 1)


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SSC Stenographer Salary 2024: Postings of candidates

From the following tables, candidates can check the departments and offices where the candidates who qualify as stenographers will be posted.

SSC Stenographer Grade C

  • Headquarters of Armed Forces

  • President’s Secretariat

  • Election Commission of India (ECI)

  • Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

  • Central Vigilance Commission

  • Other Government Offices and Departments

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SSC Stenographer Grade D – Group X

  • Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

  • IFS

  • ECI

  • Headquarters of Armed Forces

  • Railway Board Secretariat

  • Central Secretariat

  • Directorate of Forensic Science

  • Central Vigilance Commission

  • Other Government Offices and Departments

SSC Stenographer Grade D – Group Y

  • Subordinate Government Offices

  • Controller General of Defence Accounts

  • Comptroller and Auditor General of India

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SSC Stenographer Salary 2024: Pay and Allowances

Apart from the basic pay of SSC Stenographer 2024 salary, candidates are also given various pays and allowances. From the following points, candidates can check the allowances given to the salary

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)

  • Travel Allowance

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)

  • Medical Allowance

  • Telephone Allowance

  • Conveyance Allowance

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SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Job postings

Candidates who are recruited as Stenographers Grade C are posted in Delhi and those who are posted as Stenographer Grade D, Group X Stenographers are posted as Ministries/Departments of Central Government located mostly in Delhi. Those who get selected as Group Y Stenographers are posted as for Offices/Departments of Central Government Attached/Subordinate Offices located in the States and Union Territories of India.

SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Job Responsibilities of SSC Stenographer

The stenographer is a dynamic post and consists of various job responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities performed by the stenographer are mentioned below:

  • Helping in public relations

  • Writing/transcribing speeches

  • Providing assistance to Ministeries/Officers they are working for

  • Press Conference briefings

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SSC Stenographer Salary 2024 - Career Growth and Promotions

Not just the SSC Stenographer 2024 salary good, but there is also good career growth for the Stenographers. When candidates get posted as SSC Stenographers there is a significant growth opportunity both personally as well as professionally. For promotion, candidates' experience and service is considered.

There are also various departmental exams in which the candidates have to qualify. The job of a stenographer is dynamic and provides a lot of opportunities as they get to work in the government sector which also requires high responsibility, The job of a Stenographer and provides a stable career and economic stability.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is SSC Stenographer a good job?

Yes, it is a good job and consists of job stability and career growth.

2. What is the salary of the SSC Stenographer in hand?

The in-hand salary of SSC Stenographer 2024 is Rs. 14400 approximately. There are various other benefits that come along with the in-hand salary as well.

3. Which department is best for SSC stenographer?

Candidates must not have this mentality that which department is better and which is not, what should matter is the job, profile, roles, responsibilities and most importantly career growth.

4. Is SSC Stenographer tough?

No, the exam is not tough but the competitiveness is high so it becomes difficult to qualify. However, with proper preparations, candidates can qualify it.

5. Can I learn shorthand at home?

Yes, candidates can learn shorthand at home. However, it requires practice.

6. Is it hard to become a stenographer?

No, it is not a difficult job and a tough nut to crack. Candidates can qualify it with good preparation.

7. Is the stenographer a gazetted officer?

No, it is not a gazetted officer job.

8. Is there negative marking in the SSC Stenographer exam?

Yes, there is negative marking in the SSC Stenographer first stage exam.


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