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IAS Study Plan 2024 - Important Strategies, Revision Schedule and Evaluation Tips

IAS Study Plan 2024 - Important Strategies, Revision Schedule and Evaluation Tips

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UPSC conducts, among many other exams, the IAS Exam 2024. This exam is considered to be one of India's toughest competitive exams. Many lakhs of students prepare for the UPSC exam yearly. This renders the IAS exam highly competitive. Therefore, to increase the chances of success in such a competitive environment, it is crucial for candidates to draft an effective UPSC 2024 Study Plan.

Candidates should draft their self-study plan for 2024 at the very beginning of the preparation process. Creating a subject-wise timetable for the IAS exam can also prove to be advantageous to candidates. Below, candidates can find an IAS 2024 study plan PDF that covers the whole UPSC exam, from the beginning of exam preparation to the IAS interview 2024. Candidates are encouraged to go through the material to find ways to create an IAS Study plan and better prepare for the CSE Exam 2024.

IAS Study Plan 2024 - How to Start Preparation?

To start the preparation for the IAS exam 2024, aspirants must go through the detailed IAS Study Plan 2024 based on the exam pattern and the UPSC Syllabus. The IAS syllabus pdf consists of the stage-wise subject and topics that candidates need to study. The UPSC exam pattern consists of the stages, number of papers, time duration and the marks allotted to each stage, like IAS prelims, mains, and interview 2024. It is always advised for fresh candidates to start the IAS exam preparations 2024 at least 1-year in advance to cover the vast UPSC syllabus and study materials for prelims and mains exams but there is no fixed time duration.

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UPSC Study Plan for 1 Year

Given the vastness of the UPSC syllabus, candidates must properly formulate a Self Study Plan the for IAS exam. If not, they run the risk of preparing inefficiently, not spending the appropriate amount of time on important topics etc. To prevent this, it is advised for candidates to draft a UPSC Study Plan for 1 Year at the very beginning of preparation. Divide the year into sections.

In one section of your IAS Study Plan, in the first few months prioritize covering the basics and taking notes. As time progresses, dedicate more time to solving past papers and sample papers. Reserve the last couple of months revisingsion. Drafting a CSE study plan in this manner helps candidates prepare thoroughly for the UPSC IAS exam without rushing or skipping topics.

UPSC 2024 Self Study or Join IAS Coaching Classes?

Candidates should prefer the UPSC 2024 self-study plan or Join IAS Coaching Classes for CSE exam preparation 2024. This is one of the questions that come in front of candidates preparing for the IAS exam 2024. The most effective answer is that it depends and varies from candidate to candidate. Some candidates who are fresher need some help from coaching classFor thosehose who have already appeared one or two times and know all about UPSC exam preparation tips and strategies, no need for them to join any coaching for the prelims exam. Both the ways of the IAS study plan 2024 work well, as there are a lot of candidates who have qualified for the UPSC exam recently with and without coaching classes. So, at last, it all depends upon your expertise, your intellectual prowess and how much time you can devote to IAS study 2024 to crack it.

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UPSC CSE Preparation Strategy and Best Books
UPSC CSE preparation strategy along with best books for prelims as well as mains exam for sure success.
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UPSC Study Plan 2024 - Best and Brief IAS Study Materials

Nowadays, there are a lot of study materials for UPSC exam 2024 preparation available in the market, and candidates can access them both offline as well as online. Some of the important IAS study materials as per the UPSC Study Plan 2024 for prelims and mains exam preparation are below-

  • Previyear'syear CSE question papers

  • Best books for CSE

  • Daily newspapers and Monthly magazines

  • Annual reports (Government schemes, Budget and Case Studies)

  • Constitution of India (Not compulsory but an important one to keep alongside all the books).

  • IAS Study Plan 2024 for Prelims Exam

IAS Study Plan 2024 for Prelims Exam

Start from the basics and that is by reading all the NCERT books from class 6 to 2 (History, Geography, Civics/Political Science, Arts and Culture and Economics). After completing the first phase of reading, repeat the sain and this time dive into the details while also making important notes.

After completing the second phase of the UPSC Study plan, pick up the supplementary books - Indian Polity, Spectrum History etc. and thoroughly read them. Simultaneously don't read newspapers especially the editorial sections for essay purposes for current events as well as for news related to international relations. Solve the previous year's Prelims exam question papers, once the exam is near. Solve at least 10-15 years of papers and also appear for test series.

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UPSC Study Plan 2024 for Mains Exam

Once you return from UPSC prelims after taking it you should start your UPSC 2024 study plan to execute. Because it is time for UPSC mains preparation ion 2024. The UPSC mains exam preparation is the most important and hard part as it has the maximum marks to get selected finally in the IAS recruitment exam.

UPSC IAS mains exams have a total of 9 papers and all of them are in the descriptive mode long answers, including the essays paper. So you should start practising writing mock IAS mains and essay questions after appearing in the prelims exam of UPSC 2024. By studying for the UPSC prelims 2024 exam you have also covered the IAS mains 2024 30-40 percent of UPSC syllabus.

Now it's time to complete the rest of the 60 per cent of mains syllabus along with preparing for the optional subject. Practice writing answers for UPSC mock tests 2024 by keeping a timer to keep track of the time and also use pointers, and bullet points and write the answers in an info graphical way.

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IAS Study Plan 2024 for Interview

The last stage of the UAS exam is the interview stage which is again an important stage as many candidates are not able to cross the UPSC personality test due to poor marks. For the UPSC 2024 interview preparation, it is always suggested to keep your eyes and ears open to current events local, national, and international.

You should start practising speaking fluently in English or another language in which you have to appear for the IAS exam 2024. Sit in front of the mirror and get involved in a one-to-one conversation, and work on your posture, attitude and personality. Prepare some answers that are generally asked in the UPSC interview.

The meaning of your name, family tree, city, town, village, state, famous things about these places, famous celebrities who have the same surname as you, why you opted for Civil Services, why you chose IAS/IPS/IFoS etc in the DAF, questions based on real-life situations etc. Always remember one thing the maximum questions will be based on the DAF (Detailed Application Form), so fill it out carefully.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is the UPSC CSE very tough or is it just a saying?

Every year 10 lac candidates apply for the exam and only 800-900 cross the finishing line. So, more than the saying, it is hard work that the exam requires.

2. Which is better coaching or self-study?

It all depends upon your ability, you can clear it by self-study and you can fall short of clearing it even with the help of coaching. So, it is up to you.

3. Is there any negative marking in the IAS exam?

Yes, there is negative marking in the prelims exam.

4. What is the cut off of IAS exam?

You can check it here - IAS cut off 2024.

5. How many stages are there in the IAS exam?

There are three stages in the exam - Preliminary, Mains and Interview.


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Questions related to UPSC CSE

Have a question related to UPSC CSE ?


I assume you want to know the eligibility criteria to becoming an IAS. First of all, to become an IAS,  one has to clear UPSC CSE examiner. There are certain eligibility criteria for applying in this examination and they are as follows:

  • Bachelor's degree from any recognised college.
  • Age between 21-32; with some relaxation for reserved categories.
  • Citizen of India ora subject of Nepal/ Bhutan or Tibetan refugee who came to India, to permanently settle here before January 1, 1962, or People of Indian origin who migrated from Uganda, Burma, Pakistan, Zambia, the United Republic of Tanzania, Malawi, Sri Lanka, East African Countries of Kenya, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam to permanently settle in India.

For more information, please visit the website by clicking on the link given below:

And other government jobs, the eligibility test is different for different jobs. It would have been if you could mention the government job you are interested in.

Hope this answers your query. Thank you

Dear aspirant !!

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Yes it will be considered because Bachelor in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BASLP) is a 4-year degree course . It is a multi-disciplinary profession with core subjects including speech pathology, language pathology, and audiology.

Hope it helps you ;

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Dear Aspirant !

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The main subjects for the UPSC Exam are Indian Politics, Indian Economy, International Relations, Science and Technology, Geography, History, Environment and Ecology, and related Current Affairs . There are 25 subjects and 23 literature optional that one can choose from in addition to this..

Thank you

Hello aspirant,

With the help of the IAS Answer Key 2024, applicants can estimate their potential score for the IAS preliminary exam, learn about the various IAS question types, gauge the exam's difficulty, and much more.

To get the answer key, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

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Hope this information helps you.

Dear aspirant !!

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The syllabus of these papers includes subjects like Modern Indian History, World Geography, International Relations, Indian Economic development, Disaster Management and Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity . To know all the subjects in detail, you can check UPSC syllabus 2024 for CSE in the given link below ;- .

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