CAPF Answer Key 2020 - Many leading coaching institutes will release the unofficial CAPF 2020 answer key for the written exam on August 9 in online mode. UPSC will release the official answer key of CAPF 2020 exam tentatively by April, 2021. The CAPF answer key 2020 will be released in a pdf file separately for each subject for all the sets of test booklets like A, B, C and D. By using CAPF 2020 answer keys, applicants can check the correct answers to all the questions asked from General Ability and Intelligence. Based on the correct and incorrect answers, candidates can calculate their probable score in the CAPF exam. Read the complete article to know more about UPSC CAPF answer keys 2020 in detail.

CAPF Answer Key 2020

CAPF Answer Key 2020 Important Dates

Candidates can check the below mentioned table of CAPF (Assistant Commandant) key dates so that they can keep themselves updated about all upcoming events of the CAPF exam.

Important Dates of CAPF 2020 Answer Key



CAPF written exam

August 9, 2020

CAPF unofficial Answer key date

August 9, 2020 (After conclusion of exam)

CAPF written exam result

October, 2020

CAPF official answer key

April, 2021

CAPF Answer Key 2020 – Unofficial

Candidates who have appeared for the exam can check the CAPF unofficial answer key 2020 after it will be released by the leading coaching institutes By checking the answer key of CAPF applicants can calculate their marks secured in the exam.

Unofficial Answer Key of CAPF 2020


Institute name

Answer key

Paper 1- General Ability and Intelligence

AVK’s Academy

To be notified

Neo Stencil

To be notified

Vedanta Institute

To be notified

The Martian IAS

To be notified

CAPF exam is conducted to recruit applicants for the post of Assistant Commandant.

How to check CAPF 2020 Answer Key?

The unofficial answer key of CAPF 2020 will be available online in the pdf file. Candidates can download the CAPF answer key 2020 by following the steps given below.

  1. Visit official website of Commission-

  2. Click on link to download the answer key of CAPF 2020

  3. The link will be opened in a new window which comprises the CAPF 2020 answer key set wise.

  4. Download the pdf file, as per test booklet code of your’s.

  5. Applicants can check, match and compare their responses from the official CAPF Answer Key 2020.

CAPF Question Paper 2020


Question Paper

Paper 1 - General Ability and Intelligence

To be notified

Paper 2 - General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension

To be notified

Previous Years CAPF Question Papers & Answer Key



Question Paper

Answer Key


General Ability and Intelligence

Download here

Download Here

General Studies, Essay and Comprehension

Download here


General Ability and Intelligence

Download here

Download Here

General Studies, Essay and Comprehension

Download here


General Ability and Intelligence

Download here

Download Here

General Studies, Essay and Comprehension

Download here

CAPF Marking Scheme 2020

As per the CAPF 2020 exam pattern, the written exam comprises 2 objective papers - General Ability and Intelligence and General Studies, Essay and Comprehension. Candidates can check the marking scheme of CAPF exam given below.

  • CAPF Paper 1 carrie's 125 questions.

  • For each correct answer aspirants will be awarded 2 marks.

  • No negative marking for CAPF papers

How to Challenge Official CAPF Answer Key 2020?

UPSC will open the window to challenge CAPF 2020 answer keys for a week after commencement of exam. Applicants who have any objections regarding any question can use this facility to challenge the questions of CAPF within the time period. CAPF Answer Key 2020 challenge process is as follows.

Step 1: Visit official website and click on the examination tab

Step 2: Submit the challenge in the “Online Question Paper Representation Portal (QPRep)” at (It will be available next day after CAPF exam)

Step 3: Click on "To make representation"

Step 4: Enter the roll number and date of birth along with captcha code

Step 5: Submit with all available details

CAPF 2019 Questions with Answers

1. Which was the first country to declare 'Climate Emergency'-

Ans: UK

2. The Indian Air Force has recently acquired the AH-64E (I) - Apache Guardian helicopter is made in

Ans: USA

3. Which front line destroyer of Indian Navy was decommissioned in May 2019

Ans: INS Ranjit

4. Find the missing Number of series: 1, 9, 17, 33, 49, 73.

Ans: (Difference is 8, 8, 16, 16, 24 and 24) 97

5- The Sufi work kashf -ul-mahjub written by

Ans: Abu'l Hasan al Hujwiri

6- Which one of the following represents the inner planets

Ans: Planets between the sun and the belt of asteroids

7- The least integer when multiplied by 2940 becomes a perfect square is

Ans: Factor or 2940 is (2x2x3x5x7x7) hence answer is 3x5 = 15

8- Which musicians served at the courts of raja Man singh tomar and Bahadur shah of Gujrat

Ans: Baiju Bawra

9- By Selling an article for rs 2700, a man loses 10%, if he sells it for 36,00 his gain percent is

Ans: As per question CP becomes 3,000 hence profit is 20 %

10- If 5472=9, 6342=6 and 7584 =6, then what is 9236?

Ans: Answer will be digital sum of number- (9+2+3+6= 20 which is 2+0= 2) - 2

11- The gently sloping accumulation of coarse alluvium deposited by a braided stream is known as

Ans: Alluvial fan

12- Why was Vasudeo Balwant Phadke Known in history

Ans: He led an armed uprising against British in the 1870's.

13- Which of the following authorities can not organize 'Lok Adalats'

Ans: Panchayat Committees

14- If M is brother of N, B is brother of N and M is brother of D, then which of the following statements is definitely true ?

Ans: M is brother of B as gender of N is unknown

15- Which of the following is the biggest Island of Japan Archipelago ?

Ans: Honshu

16- The principle involved in paper chromatography is

Ans: Partition

17- If if equatorial plane of earth is not inclined to its orbit, then

Ans: there would be no change of seasons

18- which one of the following forest acts divided India into reserved, protected and village forest

Ans:- Forest Act 1878

19- Who coined the concept of paradox of thrift

Ans: John Maynard Keynes

20- Which one of the following is an example of a price ceiling

Ans: Price printed on biscuit packets

21- If the first day of the year (other than the leap year) was Sunday then which of the following was the last day of that year

Ans: Sunday

22- Zayed medal is top civilian honour of


23- Number of neutrons in element Uranium 235

Ans: 143

24- Who among the following was awarded Saraswati Samman for year 2018

Ans: K SIva Reddy

25- Zero price elasticity of demand means

Ans: Whatever the change in price, there is absolutely no change in demand

26- Quartz is extensively used as a piezo-electric material. It contains

Ans: Silica

27- Phreatophytes are the plants adapted to grow in

Ans: Arid Environment

28- Brilliance of diamond is due to

Ans: Total internal reflection of light

29- Which among the following was NOT associated with the kakori conspiracy case

Ans: Surya Sen

30- Which of the following is known as Wood Spirit

Ans: Methanol

31- Which of the following statements about the Arya Samaj which emerged in late nineteenth century is correct

Ans: (1,2 and 3 ) All options are correct

32- Which among the following statement about Mahatma Gandhi's Satyagraha is/are correct

Ans: Option 1, 2, 3 and 4 are correct

33- National Clean Air programme (NCAP)'s base year of concentration is

Ans: 2017

34- The next term of series BCYX, EFVU, HISR, KLPO is


35- Which one of the following pairs of organization and their founder is not correctly matched-

Ans:(Congress Socialist Party- M N Roy)

36- Which one of the following is the name given by Indian Railways to the indigenously manufactured Train 18?

Ans: Vande Bharat Express

37- Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using code given below: List I (Border of Sikkim) and List II (Location in Map)

Ans: A-4, B-2, C-1 and D-3

38- Who among the following were jailed in the Kanpur Bolshevik Conspiracy case in 1924-

Ans: Muzaffar Ahamed, S A Dange, Shaukat Usmani, Nalini Gupta

39- Arrange the establishment of the following in a chronological order (starting with the earliest)

Ans: East India Association (1866)- Poona Sarvajanik Sabha (1870)- Madras Mahajana Sabha (1884)-Bombay presidency association (1885) (1,2,3,4)

40- Why was the sittar poetry of Tayaumanavar famous ?

Ans: The writings were protests against the caste system

41- Which one of the following does not fall in the areas of tropical deciduous forest biomes ?

Ans: North America Mainly South West America

42- Doldrums are

Ans: 1- Equatorial calms , 2- Calm and light winds and 4- Variable both in position and in extent (1,2 and 4)

43- When the digits of two- digit numbers are reversed, the number increases by 27, the sum of such two-digit number is-

Ans: All the options are wrong in Two digit number aptitude question (So grace marks for all)

44- Which one of the following is not a palaeoclimatic geological indicator ?

Ans: Evaporite deposits

45- INSPIRE is an ongoing initiative of Government of India for

Ans: Attraction of talent for science and research

46- Which one of the following is NOT true of the 10th schedule of the Constitution of India pertaining to disqualification

of members of the Parliament and State legislatures?

Ans: The supreme court of India is the final arbiter in cases which remains unresolved

47- Which one of the following statements about the Attorney-General of India is NOT correct?

Ans: He is a whole time counsel for the government

48- Which of the following pairs of list public importance and contents is/are correctly matched?

1. State list:Public health

2..Union list Citizenship, naturalisation and aliens asked for oral answer at a notice

3. Concurrent:Legal,medical and other professions

Ans: 1, 2 and 3 are correct statements

49- Which one of the following statements is correct?

Ans: Bacteria contain cytoplasm but viruses do not

50- The increase in length of stems and roots in plants is due to

Ans: Apical meristem

51- In a test consisting of 150 questions, Neha answered 40% of the first 90 questions correctly. What percent of the 60 questions does she need to answer correctly for her score in the entire test to be 60%?

Ans: Entire 60 % of 150 is 90 questions. Earlier answers 40% of 90 means 36 questions correctly. Remaining questions are 54 which candidates need to secure from 60 questions. Hence candidates should secure 90% to score 60% overall.

52- Which one of the following is the correct arrangement of the countries in descending order according to Human Development Index (HDI) value ?

Ans: Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland

53- Rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER) looks rough under a microscope because of the attachment of which one of the following cell organelles to its surface?

Ans: Ribosome

54- Which one of the following will happen if the medium surrounding the cell has a higher concentration than the cell ?

Ans: The cell will gain water

55- Pollens are produced in

Ans: Anther

56- In this item, four words have been given, out of which three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different. Choose the odd one out.

Ans: Enmity

57- One-sixth of a number is 53. What will be 57% of that number

Ans: 181.26 (candidates can solve this by solving approximation method)

58- There are five friends- Sachin, Kunal, Mohit, Amit and Sohan. Sachin is shorter than Kunal but taller than Sohan. Mohit is the tallest. Amit is little shorter than Kunal and little taller than Sachin. If they stand in the order of increasing heights, who will be the third?

Ans: Amit

59- If in a certain language, GAMBLE is coded as FBLCKF, how is FLOWER coded in that language.

Ans: EMNXDS (-1 +1, -1 +1, -1, +1)

60- Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the positions in the Bay of Bengal from North to South ?

Ans: Palk Strait- Palk Bay- Gulf of Mannar

61- Vacuole provides turgidity and rigidity to plant cells

62- Real interest rate will be 14 %

63- Moon is not a luminous object

64- Maximum deviation for the emerging light occurs for Violet light

65- Polarisation phenomenon can not be exhibited by sound waves

66- Arunachal Pradesh state has largest area under dense evergreen forest

67-24 degree N latitude passes through maximum Indian states

68- Himalayan Ranges from North to South- (Karakoram- Ladkah- Zaskar-Pir Panjal- Siwalik )

69- Sonoran is a desert area in North America

70- Euplectella and Sycon belongs to Coelenterata

71- Bending of shoot of a plant towards lights is referred as- Positive Phototropism

72- Epidermal cell of plants roots increase their absorption surface by having- Root Hairs

73- Quartz contains SI (Silicon)

74- Water Softening - Na6P6O18 (Sodium hexametaphosphate)

75- Formula of aluminium salt would be- Al2X3

76- Value of multiplier will be - 1.0

77- Slope of aggregate consumption curve against income will be- Positive

78- The economy has to sacrifice some production of one commodity in order to increase the production of another commodity (True)

79- Swadeshi Movement (1 and 2 are correct)

80- Foundation of Ramakrishna Mission (1897), Foundation of Arya Samaj (1875), Foundation of Brahmo Samaj (1828), Foundation of Paramhans Mandali (1849)- Answer D

CAPF Cut off 2020

UPSC will release the cut off after declaration of final result. The cut off will be released on the basis of final CAPF Answer Key 2020. Candidates appearing for CAPF recruitment stage will have to secure minimum qualifying marks to be eligible to appear for the next round of selection process of exam. The cut off is to be released in two parts - part 1 for the written examination (both objective and subjective ) and part 2 will be for combined written exam and interview.

CAPF Result 2020

Exam conducting authorities will declare the result in three stages- for written exam, PST/PET and final stage. The result of the written exam will be released tentatively by October 2020. The result will be released on the basis of the correct CAPF Answer Key 2020. Candidates who qualify the written test will be eligible to appear for the PST/PET test. Candidates will further be declared qualified in the Medical Standards Tests (MST) test will be called for an Interview/Personality Test. The final merit list of CAPF will be prepared by UPSC on the basis of marks obtained by the applicants in the written examination and Interview/Personality Test.

Quick Links

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - CAPF Answer Key 2020

Question: How can I download the official CAPF 2020 answer key?


To download the answer key, the application must visit the official website and click on the CAPF 2020 answer key link. 

Question: I want to raise objections to the few answers mentioned in CAPF final answer key. What should I do?


UPSC does not provide the facility to raise the objections in the CAPF answer key, applicants can only represent the question papers after a day of commencement of exam.

Question: When will UPSC release the answer key of CAPF?


UPSC will release the CAPF result 2020 of the written exam in October, 2020 in online mode.

Question: When will the CAPF paper wise answer key be released?


The official answer key of the written exam will be released in April, 2021 in online mode.

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can we write upsc by open degree

Shubhangi sinha 31st Jan, 2020

Hello Ganesh,

Yes, you are eligible for the civil service exam even after completion of degree from an open University.

The university giving you the degree must be recognised by state or centre government.

Open Universities like NIOS and IGNOU are all recognised by the government of India.

Open degree courses are good as it gives you the plenty of time to focus in your preparation for the exam.

Good luck,

Hope it helps :)


From where I get UPSE best study material?

Manisha Gupta Expert 1st Nov, 2019

Hello Aspirant,

Are you asking for UPSC? You can prefer any of the coaching material given below

ALS IAS Academy  Delhi

Chanakya IAS Academy Delhi

Elite Academy  Mumbai

Rau's IAS Study Circle Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore etc.

Here are some preparation tips you can follow for the exam preparation:

Go through the previous question papers : Go through with previous year papers as it will give you an idea about the exam.

Make your own notes : It is always advisable to make notes of the related topics as you go through the books and other study material. A well drafted note solves two purposes.

Strategy for General Studies: General studies paper is equally important for Prelims and Mains examination.

History : It is a huge section & Also emphasis is given to Ancient India. A cursory glance over the medieval history is also necessary.

Geography: In this there are physical geography and maps related questions. So get yourself well-acquainted with maps with the help of a good Atlas.

General Science : It covers a major chunk of this paper and a standard guidebook can make you well-versed on the topics of general science.

Current affairs : Going through a standard newspaper daily can keep you updated on the current affairs topics.

Good Luck!

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