UPPSC PCS Answer Key 2019 - Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has released UPPSC PCS 2019 answer key on December 17, 2019 in online mode. Last date to download answer key of UPPSC PCS 2019 is December 21. Commission have provided set wise A, B, C, D UPPSC PCS answer key 2019 for both papers I and II in PDF file, which is provided below on this page. By checking UPPSC 2019 answer key candidates can check their correct and incorrect answers in exam. In case candidates find any discrepancies in the answer key of UPPSC PCS 2019 then candidates can raise the objections in this regards to exam conducting authorities by December 22 only. In order to raise the objections in UP PCS prelims exam candidates have to sent the email to keypcsacf2019@gmailcom with the prescribed format. After receiving the response from the candidates, commission will release final UPPSC PCS answer key 2019. Read complete article to know more about UP PCS answer key 2019 and steps to raise objections.
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UP PCS 2019 exam Mains exam scheduled to be held on April 20, 2020, has been postponed due to Corona pandemic. New dates will be shared later.

UPPSC PCS Answer Key 2019

UPPSC PCS 2019 Official Answer Key

Set WiseGeneral Studies Paper -IGeneral Studies Paper -II
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Set BClick HereClick Here
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Set DClick HereClick Here

How to Challenge UPPSC PCS Answer Key 2019

The facility to challenge the official answer key of UPPSC is notified by authorities on December 17, 2019. Candidates have to raise objections against the answer key by sending an email only. Candidates have to submit their challenges in the prescribed format separately for General Studies Paper 1 and 2 along with document proof.

Format of Challenging UPPSC 2019 Answer Key

1. Name of Candidates

2. Roll Number of Candidates

3. Name of exam

4. Name of Subject

5. Booklet Series

Serial NumberQuestion NumberAnswer provided by CommissionAnswer provided by applicantsProof of answer

Name of Applicants and Signature

Answer Key of UPPSC PCS 2019 for General Studies Paper I

Q1. Newly appointed MD of IMF

Ans: Kristalina Georgieva

Q2. National program launched on October 10, 2019 by Indian Government to encourage talented children to enrich their skills


Q3. India aims to achieve land degradation neutrality by year ?

Ans: 2030

Q4. Central Institute of Indian languages is located at ?

Ans: Mysore

Q5. Correct match of list I & II

Ans: Carrie lam- Hongkong leader, Great thunberg- Environmental activist, Thomas Cook- British Tour & Travel company, Dr. Usha Kiran- Recipient of bharat bharti award

Q6. first union territory of india to run 100 on solar energy

Ans: Diu

Q7. Multidimensional poverty index includes ?

Ans: All of three. 1) Health, 2) Education and 3) Standard of living

Q8. Under civil registration system(CRS) it is legally mandatory to register birth and death within how many days in India ?

Ans: 21 Days

Q9. Money bill is defined in which article of India ?

Ans: Article 110

Q10. Provision of sixth schedule of Indian constitution are applicable in which states of India ?

Ans: Tripura

Q11. Which option is not correctly matched ?

Ans: Prohibition - To be certified is wrong as Certiorari means to be certified

Q12. Which of the following statement is correct regarding PMO's office?

Ans: It came into existence in 1977 while it is headed by Principal Secretary.

Q13. Who opposed planned development in India ?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Q14. How many items are there in 11th schedule of Indian Constitution ?

Ans: 29 Subjects

Q15. Which option is not correctly matched ?

Ans: Allocation of seats in council of states is under Fourth Schedule of Constitution while in option it is second hence it wrong.

Q16. In which year was accounting separated from auditing and Comptroller and Auditor General's task only remained confined to auditing the government accounts ?

Ans: 1976

Q17. Trial of officers of INA was held in

Ans: Red Fort, New Delhi

Q18. Which option is correct regarding National Calendar ?

Ans: 1) National calendar of India is based on Saka Era hence first option is wrong and it was adopted from 22 March 1957 hence both option are wrong.

Q19. Which of the following option is not characteristics of Iqta system ?

Ans: Revenue from Iqta was directly deposited in Sultan's account

Q20. Which of the following substance is not a protein ?

Ans: Cotton

Q21. Native marriage act was passed in which year?

Ans: 1872

Q22. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

Ans: Rayon-Modified search

Q23. What happens when some charge is placed on a soap bubble ?

Ans: Its radius increases

Q24. Nitrogen fixing bacteria make combination with cells of the roots of ?

Ans: Pulses

Q25. Which of the following organism has white blood ?

Ans: House bug

Q26. Which Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle was launched by ISRO to launch Chandrayan-2


Q27. Rural Sanitation Strategy by Ministry of Jal Shakti ?

Ans: 2019 to 2029

Q28. First women to award Nobel prize for Economics ?

Ans: Elinar Ostrom

Q29. Cross border oil pipe line connects cities ?

Ans:Motihari and Amlekhganj

Q30. Chronological order of the codes ?

Ans: IV-II-I-III (Death of phiroz shah mehta, Jaliawala bagh massacre, Appointment of Simon Commission and Gandhi's Dandi march)

Q31. Which of the following option is not correctly matched ?

Ans: The communal award - 1933

Q32. Which of the following statements regarding Hath Yog is/are correct ?

Ans: Both options are correct.

Q33. Arrange the battle in chronological order ?

Ans: II-Battle of bilgram, I- Battle of sarnal, III-Battle of Dharmat and IV- Battle of Jajau

Q34. Which one of the following natural regions is known as Land of Big Games ?

Ans: Tropical Savanna region

Q35. Which of the following river is famous for its fault valley drainage ?

Ans: Damodar

Q36. Imphal Basin surrounded by Manipur hills is known as

Ans: Lacustrine plain

Q37. Given below are two statements of Assertion and Reason ?

Ans: a) Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation. Assertion- The highest concentration of seismic zone lies in Himalaya region in India

Q38. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the hills of Central India located from west to east ?

Ans: i) Satpura, Mahadeo, Maikal and Chotanagpur

Q39. Which is not correctly matched ?

Ans: Tribe (Khirghiz) - Place (Sudan)

Q40. Match List I and List II, Vegetation Type & Region ?

Ans : A-2, B-3, C-1, D-4

Q41. What was India's rank in GHI in 2017 ?

Ans: 100th

Q42. Physical Quality of Life Index is developed by ?

Ans: Mehbub-ul-Haq

Q43. With reference to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is correct ?

Ans: Only a.Company Act 2014 introduces mandatory act.

Q44. Number of persons who remained unemployed for a major part of year is called ?

Ans : Usual status unemployment

Q45. Who has propounded the concept of Limit to growth ?

Ans: Club of Rome

Q46. Which SDG will target water availability upto 2030 in India

Ans: SDG-6

Q47. Dependency ratio is declining in India due to ?

Ans: Population of 15-59 years is relatively very high

Q48. Nodal Institutions for implementation of SDG goals.

Ans: NITI Aayog

Q49. Most biodiversity rich area in India is ?

Ans: Western Ghats

Q50. Global-500 award is given for rare achievement for which fields ?

Ans: Environment

Q51. A Black hole is ?

Ans: Collapsed star

Q52. Smog is caused by ?

Ans: Oxide of nitrogen and sulphur

Q53. Which is associated with biological nitrogen fixation ?

Ans: Blue green algae

Q54. Which of the following is not matched ?

Ans: Vitamin (B2) - Rich Source (Cod-liver oil)

Q55. Use of polished rice in in human diet causes ?

Ans: Beriberi

Q56. UN Climate action summit held at ?

Ans: New york

Q57. Deepa Malik belongs to sports

Ans: Shot put

Q58. Venushilpa book of Chitracharya upendra maharathi related to ?

Ans: Bamboo art

Q59. First 100 % organic state in world ?

Ans : Sikkim

Q60. Author of Booker prize winner 2019 book's Girl, Women & Other is

Ans: Bernadine Evaristo

Q61. According to NITI Aayog which state is top in innovation index 2019?

Ans: Karnataka

Q62. India announced to establish a High commission in which country ?

Ans: Sierra Leone

Q63. Which temple is also known as Khajuraho of Vidarbha ?

Ans: Markandeshwar

Q64. Which is correct about the heading of article 162 of Indian Constitution ?

Ans: Extension of executive power of state

Q65. What is legal nature of Preamble ?

Ans: It may be enforceable under certain circumstances

Q66. Which of the following article was added by 42nd CAA for participation of workers in Mgmt?

Ans: Article 43 A

Q67. National Panchayti Raj Day celebrated in India ?

Ans: April 24

Q68. NSAP does not include the following scheme for BPL households ?

Ans: Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Yojna

Q69. Who said India is a Quasi-Federal State ?

Ans: K. C. Wheare

Q70. Majdoor Kisan Shakti Sangthan (MKSS) is associated with which of the following ?

Ans: RTI Act

Q71. With reference to Panchayat which of the following statements is/are correct ?

Ans: There will be a Panchayat at intermediate level hence Only 3 option is correct

Q72. Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India is written by ?

Ans: Bipin Chandra

Q73. Who prepared C R Formula ?

Ans: C Rajgopalachari

Q74. With reference to Mansabdari which of the following statements are correct ?

Ans : None of the above are correct

Q75. Who among the following kings had given patronage to Tansen before Akbar ?

Ans: Rajbahadur of Malwa

UP PCS Answer Key 2019 Dates

Candidates can check below the important dates related to the release of UPPSC PCS answer key 2019.



Prelims exam

December 15, 2019

Provisional answer key of UPPSC PCS Prelims

December 17, 2019 (Released)

Last date to Raise ObjectionsDecember 22, 2019

Official UP PCS answer key

January 24, 2019

UP PCS Mains Exam

April 20, 2020

How to Download UP PCS 2019 Answer Key 2019?

Candidates can check below mentioned steps to download UPPCS PCS answer key 2019.

1. Visit the official website- uppsc.up.nic.in

2. Click on the link 'UPPSC Answer Key 2019 provided above on this page

3. In a new page, the PDF files of the UP PCS answer key will be opened

4. Download the answer key and save the file

5. Check your question paper set and accordingly match the answer key

How to calculate score using UPPSC PCS Answer Key 2019

Candidates can calculate their probable score by using the answer key of UP PCS. To calculate score, candidates have to follow the marking scheme prescribed by the examination authority.

Formula to calculate score

Total marks = Number of correct answers X Marks allotted to the question – Number of incorrect answers X 1/3rd marks of correct answer

UPPSC PCS Marking Scheme

Since UPPSC PCS exam has introduced negative marking scheme in exam hence it becomes important for candidates to know the marking scheme of UP PCS 2019. There is one third negative marking scheme in prelims exam.

Marking Pattern in UPPSC PCS 2019

PaperTotal Number of QuestionsMarks of each correct answerMarks of incorrect answer
General Studies Paper -I1501.330.44
General Studies Paper -I10020.66

UPPSC Answer Key 2019 – What are its benefits?

  • The answer key help candidates to check the correct answer of questions asked in the exam.

  • It helps candidates to calculate the probable score and know their chances of selection for the next round.

What after submitting the challenges?

The challenges will be reviewed by the subject-matter experts. If the challenges submitted by the candidates are found to be true, the final answer key will be published.The result will be processed as per the final answer key.

UPPSC PCS Previous Year Answer key

UP PCS 2018 Answer Key of Prelims (Official)

General Studies Paper I
General Studies Paper II
Set A
Set A
Set B
Set B
Set C
Set C
Set D
Set D

UP PCS Cut off 2019

Candidates should note the point that there is qualifying cut off in General Studies paper-II. Applicants should secure minimum 33% marks in the General Studies CSAT paper. While result will be prepare only taking into account the marks secured by candidates in General Studies paper-I.

UP PCS Result 2019

Commission will declare the result of UP PSC for preliminary tentatively in February 2020. The result will be available online in pdf. Commission will declare the result for all categories. UP PCS result of prelims stage will comprise the roll numbers of qualified candidates who will have to appear in mains exam. Based on the result of preliminary exam, candidates are selected for the mains exam.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - UPPSC PCS Answer Key 2019

Question: is there negative marking in UPPSC PCS 2019 ?


Yes, since 2018 UPPSC has introduced negative marking scheme in prelims exam.

Question: Is there any qualifying cut off in UP PCS ?


Yes, candidates have to secure 33% qualifying UP PCS Cut off marks in General Studies paper-II( CSAT) exam. 

Question: How can i check UPPSC PCS answer key ?


Coaching institute will release unofficial answer key of UP PCS 2019 after the conclusion of exam. Though final answer key will be released after a month of exam.

UP PCS Updates and Articles

Questions related to UP PCS

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I am Lt Col Sukesh Sur and am a permanent commission officer in Army.I am planning to take VRS. My date of birth is 25 jan 1983 and I will be retiring in june 2026.kindly guide me on following please-: a)Will I get age Relaxaction b)Am I eligible for any quota under ex serviceman

Priyaanka Sarkar Student Expert 1st Apr, 2020

Colonel, There is an upper age limit for UPPSC PCS. It is capped at 40 years. You will be 42 years by the year 2026. But by the virtue of serving the Nation and being an ex serviceman, you get an age relaxation of 10 years. So if you retire in 2026 at the age of 42, you still can appear for UPPSC. Now this is 2020 and we are talking about 2026. This eligibility criteria applies as long as the rules are not modified. If the rules and criteria change at any point in time then the eligibility criteria might change for you too. And there will be ex-serviceman quota for upto 1%.

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