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SSC MTS Salary 2024 - Basic pay, In-Hand Salary, Perks

SSC MTS Salary 2024 - Basic pay, In-Hand Salary, Perks

Edited By Vishnukumar | Updated on May 27, 2024 03:17 PM IST | #SSC MTS

SSC MTS Salary 2024 - SSC shortlists the eligible candidates through the MTS recruitment and provides the SSC MTS 2024 salary. The salary of SSC MTS 2024 includes the basic salary, allowances and compensations, etc. According to the 7th pay commission of pay level 1, the in hand SSC MTS salary per month lies in the range between 18,000/- to 22,000/-. The SSC multi tasking staff salary pay band is Rs.5200 - Rs. 20200, it is depending on the post and posting locality. The Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC MTS every year.

All the details of the SSC MTS salary like DA, HRA, TA, and NPS will be provided in the SSC MTS salary slip. Candidates who wise to know more about SSC MTS salary 2024 like SSC MTS posts and salary, SSC MTS pay scale, work profile, and other details read the full article.

SSC MTS 2024 Salary Highlights

As per 7th pay commission, SSC MTS pay scale has been revised as per Level 1 of the pay scale. The SSC MTS pay scale is revised along with other allowances. Some of the highlights of the SSC MTS salary are given below.

  • The SSC MTS basic per month is Rs.18,000/-.

  • The SSC MTS job salary is calculated on the basis of the 7th pay commission recommendations.

  • The SSC MTS salary includes various allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), Transport Allowance (TA) and House Rent Allowance (HRA).

  • The SSC MTS gross salary range from Rs.18,000/- to Rs. 22,000/- per month, depending on the posting locality and other factors.

  • In addition to the SSC MTS salary, employees are also entitled to benefits such as medical facilities, pension benefits and leave encashment.

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SSC MTS Job Profile and Salary

According to the SSC MTS work profile, candidates who get selected through SSC MTS 2024 will be employed in various non-technical or Group “C” non-gazetted and non-ministerial posts, some of which are as follows:

  • Peon

  • Gardener

  • Watchman

  • Junior Operator

  • Gate Keepers

  • Draftary

SSC MTS Salary Structure 2024

As per 7th pay band, SSC MTS job salary ranges from Rs. 18,000/- to Rs. 22,000/- per month with Pay Band (Rs. 5200 – 20200) depending on job designation and city of allotment. The basic pay of SSC MTS is Rs. 18000/- and Grade Pay is Rs. 1800/-. Aspirants can check all the details of SSC MTS salary from the below table.

SSC MTS 2024 salary structure

SSC MTS grade pay

Grade Pay- 1800

Grade Pay- 1800

Grade Pay- 1800


X (Tier I)

Y (Tier II)

Z (Tier III)

Basic Pay

Rs. 18000

Rs. 18000

Rs. 18000

Housing Rent Allowance

Rs. 4320

Rs. 2880

Rs. 1440

Dearness Allowance




Travelling Allowance

Rs. 1350

Rs. 900

Rs. 900

Gross Salary

Rs. 23670

Rs. 21780

Rs. 20340

National Pension System

Rs. 1800

Rs. 1800

Rs. 1800


Rs. 125

Rs. 125

Rs. 125


Rs. 1500

Rs. 1500

Rs. 1500

Total Deduction

Rs. 3425

RS. 3425

Rs. 3425

SSC MTS In-Hand Salary

Rs. 20245

Rs. 18355

Rs. 16915

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SSC MTS Highest Salary 2024

The SSC MTS salary of a candidate selected through SSC MTS exam varies depending on various factors such as location of work, posting and other benefits. However, the maximum salary for SSC MTS employees is Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. This salary can be reached by candidates who have worked in the same post for a few years and received promotions, increments and other perks.

SSC MTS Perks and Benefits 2024

Along with the SSC MTS salary, candidates will be eligible for other SSC MTS allowances that are mentioned below.

  • SSC MTS Pension Scheme – The pension scheme is the complete insurance available till death.

  • Post-Retirement Benefit – Many benefits like salary arrears, provident fund, gratuity etc. after their retirement.

  • Medical Benefits – Employees get medical insurance for themselves and their families too as a SSC MTS medical benefits.

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SSC MTS Salary In Hand 2024

The basic monthly salary of SSC MTS starts at Rs.30,749, inclusive of all taxes and other allowances, and it can go up to Rs.50,000 within a period of 5 years. To clear your doubts about MTS Salary, aspirants can check the details of SSC MTS in hand salary from the below table.

SSC MTS in hand salary

SSC MTS Salary Structure

City X

City Y

City Z

SSC MTS Basic Pay




SSC MTS Salary Per Month




SSC MTS Salary In Hand




SSC MTS Career Growth and Promotion 2024

If candidates complete the specified years of service, they will be promoted to the next higher post. Candidates are mostly promoted to LDC after a period of 5 to 6 years of work experience.

SSC MTS Promotion 2024


Years of Service


First Promotion

After 3 years of service


Second Promotion

After 3 years of service

Rs. 2000/-

Third Promotion

After 5 years of service

Rs. 2400/-

Final Promotion

Continues up to 5400/- rupees

SSC MTS Salary Slip 2024

SSC MTS pay slip shows everything from gross salary to net deductions and how much salary an employee earns. It shows all the calculations that lead to the SSC MTS salary that the candidates will get every month.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the SSC MTS highest salary?

The SSC MTS highest salary will go up to Rs. 28,111/- per month including allowances and other benefits.

2. Is the SSC MTS salary paid under the 7th pay commission?

Yes, the SSC MTS salary is provided under the 7th pay commission of pay level 1.

3. What is SSC MTS in hand salary?

The in hand SSC MTS salary per month lies in the range between 18,000/- to 22,000/-.

4. What are other benefits along with SSC MTS Salary 2024?

SSC MTS Salary 2024 along with other benefits are pension scheme, medical benefits and others.

5. What is the SSC MTS grade pay?

According to the SSC MTS pay slip, the grade pay of SSC MTS Salary is Rs. 1800/-.


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