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SSC MTS Question Paper 2024 - Subject wise Previous year Question papers

SSC MTS Question Paper 2024 - Subject wise Previous year Question papers

Edited By Soujanya K | Updated on Feb 20, 2024 04:14 PM IST | #SSC MTS

Staff Selection Commission will release the SSC MTS 2024 question paper in online mode on the official website. Candidates will be able to download the SSC MTS question paper pdf files from Candidates who attempted the SSC MTS 2024 exam can find out more about the question papers and also find download links for the same in the article below.

SSC releases the SSC MTS 2024 question papers sometime after the exam along with the final answer keys. The SSC MTS 2024 answer keys and question papers can be downloaded after the candidate enters their registration number and password into the website.

For candidates preparing for the SSC MTS 2024 exam, previous years' question papers are an invaluable resource for honing skills like time management and help the candidate become familiar with the structure of the paper. MTS aspirants are therefore advised to solve as many SSC MTS question papers as possible during the preparation period.

Candidates must take care to prepare strategically for the exam and have a robust study plan in place. Candidates should take care to select the best books for SSC MTS 2024 preparation and study them thoroughly before attempting any mock tests. Candidates can go through the material below for more information about question papers, question paper links and exam preparation tips.

SSC MTS Question Paper - Highlights

  • The SSC MTS total marks are 120 for CBE (Session-I) and 150 for CBE (Session-II).

  • There are only objective types of questions asked in the SSC MTS exam.

  • The SSC MTS question paper is available in English, Hindi and 13 other languages.

  • In the question paper of SSC MTS, there is no negative marking in CBE (Session-I).

  • In CBE (Session-II), each incorrect answer carries 1 mark as a negative marking.

  • The exam duration of SSC MTS CBE (Session-I) 2024 is 45 minutes and SSC MTS CBE (Session-II) 2024 is 45 minutes.

  • The time limit for applicants with cerebral palsy who are visually impaired to solve the SSC MTS 2024 CBE question paper is 60 minutes for Session-I and 60 minutes for Session-II.

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SSC MTS Question Paper 2024 Download




SSC MTS Question Papers 2024

Available Soon

Available Soon

SSC MTS Question Paper - Benefits

  • By solving the question paper of SSC MTS, candidates can understand the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam.

  • Practising SSC MTS previous year question papers, candidates will be able to understand the types of questions asked in the exam, the marking scheme as well as the exam pattern of SSC MTS.

  • By regularly practising the SSC MTS sample papers, candidates can improve their time management skills.

  • Solving the SSC MTS exam papers on a regular basis can increase the candidate's probability of qualifying the exam with excellent marks.

Quick Links:

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SSC MTS Answer Key 2024

The Staff Selection Commission will release the answer key of SSC MTS 2024 along with the question papers online on the official website. Candidates will be able to check the SSC MTS answer key and response sheet from the official website of SSC. The Commission will release the answer key two times, provisional and final.

By checking the response sheet, they can also check the correct answers that they marked in the exam and calculate their chances of exam qualification. In case of any discrepancy, aspirants can also raise objections against the SSC MTS answer key by paying Rs 100 per question. After the discrepancies are raised, SSC releases the final answer key.

Quick links:

SSC MTS Admit Card 2024

SSC MTS Result 2024

SSC MTS Preparation Tips 2024

  • Arrange the best books for SSC MTS to prepare.

  • As per the SSC MTS preparation tips, study as per time management, and allot regular and fixed hours to study daily.

  • Get acquainted with the exam pattern and the SSC MTS syllabus.

  • Download the previous year's question papers of SSC MTS and practice using them.

  • Make a disciplined and realistic timetable and follow it regularly.

  • At the end of each day, do revisions surely.

  • During the last one or two months of the studies, given mock tests.

Quick links:

SSC MTS Selection Process 2024

SSC MTS Exam Dates 2024

SSC MTS Cut off 2024

The SSC MTS 2024 cutoff will be released on the SSC official website along with the result. The cutoff will be released separately for all papers of SSC multi-tasking (Non-Technical) staff. The SSC MTS cutoff will be determined based on multiple factors like the difficulty level of the question paper, the number of vacancies etc. In order to qualify the SSC MTS exam candidates must score equal to or more than the required cut-off marks.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is the SSC MTS exam easy?

Yes, it is an easy exam. But still in order to qualify, candidates have to prepare for SSC MTS 2024 exam efficiently.

2. Is SSC MTS tough?

No, the curriculum is not that tough, however the competitive level is very high.

3. Can I crack SSC MTS in 1 month?

It is not advisable for candidates to start preparing for any exam 1 month in advance. Ideally, preparations for the SSC MTS 2024 exam should begin at least several months before the exam.

4. How many papers are there in SSC MTS?

There are two papers in SSC MTS - Computer-Based Examination (CBE) and PET/PST (only for the Havaldar post). Computer-Based Examination consists of objective type multiple choice questions for Session-I & Session-II while PET/PST will be conducted to measure the Physical Standards of the candidates.  

5. Is SSC MTS PET/PST qualifying in nature?

The SSC MTS PET/PST is of qualifying nature and the final merit list will be prepared after the  Computer-Based Examination and PET/PST in the ratio of 1:5 (Vacancies: Candidates).

6. What is the starting salary of SSC MTS?

The take-home SSC MTS 2024 salary is approximately between Rs. 18,000–22,000.

7. When will the SSC MTS exam be conducted?

SSC MTS 2024 exam for CBE will be conducted in July or August, 2024.


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Questions related to SSC MTS

Have a question related to SSC MTS ?

Correct Answer: Autobiography

Solution : The correct choice is the fourth option.

An autobiography is a book about a person's life, written by that person, thus making the fourth option the correct choice.

The meanings of the other options are as follows:

A biography is a book that is an account of someone else's life written by someone else.

History is the study of the past.

The novel is a long-printed story about imaginary characters.

Correct Answer: Article 40

Solution : The correct answer is Article 40.

The constitution's Article 40 mandates that state governments set up village panchayats. The directive specifies that the state must establish village panchayats and provide them with the necessary authorities to operate as autonomous government entities.

Correct Answer: 2 years

Solution : Given:
The present age of the son = 6 years
The father's present age is five times the age of his son,
⇒ Father's present age = 6 × 5 = 30 years

Let's assume that after Y years, his father's age will be four times his son's age.
After Y years, Father's age = (30 + Y) years, his son's age = (6 + Y) years

According to the given statement,
⇒ 4 × (6 + Y) = (30 + Y)
⇒ 24 + 4Y = 30 + Y
⇒ 4Y – Y = 30 – 24
⇒ 3Y = 6
⇒ Y = 2

So, after 2 years the age of the father will be 4 times as old as his son. Hence, the fourth option is correct.

Correct Answer: VSO

Solution : Given:
CAM : EES :: OAT : QEZ :: TOI : ?

Add the consecutive even numbers to the place value of the letters of CAM and OAT to get the related letter clusters.
CAM→C + 2 = E; A + 4 = E; M + 6 = S
So, CAM is related to EES.
OAT→O + 2 = Q; A + 4 = E; T + 6 = Z
So, OAT is related to QEZ.
Similarly, follow the same pattern for TOI –
T + 2 = V; O + 4 = S; I + 6 = O

So, TOI is related to VSO. Hence, the third option is correct.

Correct Answer: Sanctum

Solution : The correct choice is the third option.


Sanctum is a term with rich connotations, specifically associated with sacredness, holiness, and places of worship. It is often used to denote the innermost, holiest part of a temple, church, or any other religious establishment. The word carries a sense of reverence and spiritual significance, making it a fitting choice for describing a sacred place.

Therefore, the correct one-word substitute is sanctum.

The meanings of the other options are as follows:

  • Relic: This term typically refers to an object surviving from an earlier time, often considered to be of historical or cultural interest.
  • Museum: This term refers to a place where artefacts and objects of cultural, historical, or scientific interest are exhibited.
  • Retreat: This term generally refers to a place of seclusion or privacy.
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