CDS GK Answer Key 2020
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CDS GK Answer Key 2020 - Candidates can check CDS GK answer key released by coaching institutes in PDF format on February 2, 2020. CDS GK answer key 2020 is available for all sets of question papers - A, B, C, and D. CDS answer key 2020 for GK contains all the correct answers to the questions asked in the exam. By going through CDS GK answer key 2020, candidates can know the number of questions they have answered correctly and also calculate their expected scores. By calculating their expected scores, candidates can predict their chances of qualifying the exam.
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CDS exam for GK will be conducted by the examination authorities across 41 cities. The article below aims to provide the answer key of CDS for GK section only. However, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will release the official CDS answer key 2020 for all subjects in after the declaration of the final result.

CDS 2020 GK Answer Key

1. A solution having Ph equal to zero is
Ans: Highly Acidic
2. Which acid is produced in human stomach
Ans: Hydrochloric acid
3. The unit of force constant K of a spring is
Ans: N/m
4. BRICS summit 2020 will be hosted by
Ans: Russia
5. Sardar vallabhbhai patel's contribution for
Ans: Unity and Integrity of India
6. World tourism day 2019 host country
Ans: Delhi, India
7. National water academy is located
Ans: Khadakwasla
8. River which does not drain in black sea
Ans: Volga
9. Panchayati raj system is not applicable to which state
Ans: Meghalaya
10. Formulation of policy in respect to IPR is responsibility is
Ans: Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade

11. Who founded Seva Samiti at Allahabad in 1914 ?
Ans: Hridayanath Kunzru
12. State of Hyderabad in Deccan official acceded to Indian Union in which year ?
Ans: 1948
13. Hunter Commission (1882) appointed to survey the state of education in India ?
Ans: Endorsed the dispatch with greater emphasis on primary education
14. Maiden trilateral naval exercise among India, Singapore, and Thailand
Ans: Port blair
15. 11th schedule of constitution of India distributes the power between
Ans: The gram sabha and panchayat raj

16. Power to legislate on all matters relating to elections to Panchayat lies with
Ans: State Election Commission
17. first delimitation commission was set up in India on
Ans: 1952
18. The power of supreme court to decide in the case of a dispute between two or more states is called
Ans: Original Jurisdiction
19. Hilsa is the national fish of
Ans: Bangladesh
20. Rustom -2 which was crashed :
Ans: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

21. Who among the following is chairman of EAC-PM
Ans: Bibek Debroy
22. College of military engineering affiliated to jawaharlal Nehru University is situated at
Ans: Pune
23. which among following is not principal language of jammu and kashmir
Ans: Monpa
24. Tattvabodhini sabha was established by
Ans: Debendranath Tagore in 1839
25. Gandhi Solar Park is located at
Ans: New York

26. A bilateral tri-service amphibious military exercise involving the armed forces of India and the United States
Ans: Tiger Triumph
27. The Global Goalkeeper award is given by
Ans: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
28. Naropa is an annual festival of
Ans: Ladakh
29. Siyar ul mutakherin written by
Ans: Ghulam Husain Khan
30. Which is added as Fundamental Duty through 86th CAA.
Ans: To provide opportunities for education for one's child between age 6 to 14.

31. first recipient of dadasaheb phalke award
Ans: Devika rani
32. Which one of the following is known as energy currency for cellular process
Ans: ATP
33. First enzyme to mixed with food in digestive tract.
Ans: Amylase
34. Gandhi's Dandi march associated with
Ans: Sodium Chloride
35. Which article protects a person against double jeopardy ?
Ans: Article 20

36. Who won best men's award for FIFA 2019
Ans: Lionel Messi
37. Which travel giants declared itself bankrupt
Ans: Thomas Cook
38. Greta thunberg, a teen girl environment activist hails from
Ans: Sweden
39. Biggest cause of incidence of migration of women in India
Ans: Marriage
40. Saubhagya, a GOI scheme relates to which of following area
Ans: Provide clean cooking fuel to poor households

41. Property of sound waves that determines the pitch of sound is its ?
Ans: Frequency
42. Which of following is not a property of X-ray ?
Ans: They are deflected by electric fields
43. Which is not true regarding an image formed by a plane mirror ?
Ans: It is real image
44. In a periscope, the two plane mirrors are kept
Ans: An angle of 45 degree to each other
45. Which radiations has shortest wavelength ?
Ans: Ultraviolet (UV)
46. Which animal has a three chambered heart ?
Ans: Salamander
47. Number of water molecules associated with copper sulfate molecule to form crystal is ?
Ans: 5
48. Silver article becomes black due to :
Ans: Silver reacts with sulfur in air to form a coating of silver sulphide
49. Correct relation between temperature and kelvin is:
Ans: x= 273+y
50. Resistivity of a material may be expressed in unit as
Ans: ohm-cm
51. Electromagnetic waves, which are used for satellite communications
Ans: Radio waves
52. Which of the following endocrine glands is not found in pair in humans ?
Ans: Pituitary
53. Which cell organelles contains DNA ?
Ans: Mitochondrion
54. Which one of the following Congress sessions was proclamation of Purna Swaraj ?
Ans: Lahore
55. Which acts reserved seats for women in Legislatures in accordance with allocation of seats of different communities ?
Ans: Government of India Act , 1935

CDS GK Answer Key 2020 – Dates

The dates pertaining to the answer key of CDS 2020 exam for the General Knowledge section has been given in the table below:



CDS 2019 written exam date

February 2, 2020

CDS GK answer key 2019 by Coaching Institutes

February 2, 2020

CDS answer key 2019 (Official)

To be announced

How to Download UPSC CDS GK Answer Key 2020?

In order to download the answer key of UPSC CDS 2020 for GK, candidates must follow the steps below:

  • Click on the answer key link for the desired institute provided in the table below (institute-wise links provided in the table above).

  • The link redirects to CDS 2020 GK answer key.

  • Download the answer key of CDS 2020 and save it for future reference.

CDS GK Answer Key 2020 - Institute-wise

Coaching institutes

UPSC CDS answer key 2020

Baalnoi Academy

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To be notified


To be notified

CDS GK Answer Key 2019

CDS GK Answer Key 2019 - Institute-wise

Coaching institutes

UPSC CDS answer key 2019

Baalnoi Academy

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CDS GK Answer Key 2019

1. Which of the following is not a dimension of the Human Development Index - Access to banking and other financial provisions
2. Rajya sabha has exclusive jurisdiction in - Authorising Parliament to legislate on a subject in the State List
3. South Asian association for regional cooperation was founded- Dhaka
4. Which of the following countries is not a founding member of New Development Bank - Canada
5. Triples is a new format of - Badminton
6. In India May 21 is observed as - National anti terrorism day
7. President of Indonesia for the second term- Joko Widodo
8. India's GS Lakshmi has become- First female referee to be appointed on the ICC International Panel match referee
9. What is SWAYAM- Study Webs of Active learning for Young Aspiring Minds
10. Author of the book plagues and peoples - William H. McNeill
11. Organism responsible for sleeping sickness - Trypanosoma
12. Which one of the following is an example of a price floor - Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Jowar in India
13. Which is not considered in determining in MSP in India- Cost of living index
14. State does not have legislative council - Arunachal Pradesh
15. Mountain that separates black sea and caspian sea- Caucasus
16. Largest fresh water lake in India - Loktak
17. Who were Alvars - Those who immersed in devotion to Vishnu
18. Which of the following acid known as vitamin c - Ascorbic Acid
19. Cotton clothes are - Good radiators of heat
20. Where are jhumri telaiya and mandar hill situated - Bihar

21. Which one of the following is motto of NCC- Unity and Discpline

22. Which department does not come under ministry of home affairs – Department of Legal Affairs

23. Article 371 A of indian constitution provides special privileges – Nagaland

24. Which law prescribes that all proceedings in the supreme court shall be in English language- Article 348 of Indian Constitution

25. Total number of members in the Union Council of Ministers in India shall not exceed - 15% of the total number of members of the Lok Sabha.

26. Chandimangala was composed in which one of the following language during 16th century CE – Bengali

27. In December 1962, which soviet leader declared that China was responsible for first Sino-Indian war of 1962- Khrushchev

28. The term soil impoverishment related to which one of the following – Soil getting very deficient in plant nutrients

29. Indexation is a method whose use can be assocaited with – Controlling inflation

30. A car undergoes a uniform circular motion the acceleration of car is – A non zero constant

31. Chlorophyll in photosynthetic prokaryotic bacteria is associated with - Membranous vesicles

32. Food Chain is – Passage of food (and thus energy) from one organism to another

33. Bose – Einstein Condensate is - Fifth state of matter

34. The rate of evaporation of liquid does not depend upon – its mass

35. What do you mean by ‘Demographic Dividend’ – A rise in the rate of economic growth due to a higher share of working age people in a population

36. Rutherford’s alpha particle scattering experiment on thin gold foil was responsible for the discovery of – Atomic Nucleus

37. Which greek philosopher coined the term ‘Geography’ in 3rd century B.C.E. - Eratosthenes

38. Coral reefs are not found in- Gulf of Cambay

39. The concept of four pillar state free from district magistracy for India was suggested by – Ram Manohar Lohia

40. What is inter-cropping- It is growing of different crops on a piece of land in a pre-planned succession

CDS GK Answer Key 2020 - Marking Scheme

As per the exam pattern of CDS, the GK section contains a total of 100 marks question for which candidates will be allotted 2 hours. There is negative marking for each wrong response given by the candidates where 0.33 marks are deducted for each wrong answer.

CDS GK Answer Key 2020 - Calculation of Scores

In order to calculate the expected marks, candidates can apply the formula given below:

Expected Score = 1 x Number of right answers – 0.33 x Number of wrong answers

CDS Result 2020

Exam conducting authorities will declare CDS 2020 result in two stages- written and final. It is to be noted that the result of CDS (1) 2020 will be declared in online mode as per the correct answer key. Applicants who qualify the written exam will be invited to appear for SSB round. Final CDS result will be declared around 7-8 months after conclusion of exam

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) - CDS GK Answer Key 2020

Question: When will the the official CDS GK answer Key 2020 be released?


The official answer key of CDS for GK will be released after the declaration of the final result.

Question: I want to calculate my expected scores of CDS 2020 exam. So I need the answer keys as soon as possible. Where can I find it?


Coaching Institute like NeoStencil, Baalnoi and Cavalier has released the answer key of CDS 2020 after the conclusion of the exams. You can calculate your score by going through the answer key released by the coaching institutes. However, the official answer key of CDS will be released after the declaration of the final result.

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when i can apply for cds exam? upcoming registration month??

Smrity 25th Feb, 2020


The dates to register for CDS 1 are closed but as CDS exams are taken twice a year you can take the second paper. The registration for the second CDS paper will be in the Month of August and will probably begin from 5th August,2020. Please stay updated on any notifications released on the official sites for test dates and other related information. The notification related to CDS 2 is released in the month of June probably, so, keep yourself updated on any information.

Here is the link to the official site :

Hope this helps.

All the best!


i am done 12 with pcmb with 40% individual and now in bsc computer science am i eligible for cds exam to join Indian air force and i am 20 years girl

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 22nd Feb, 2020


after completing your graduation course or if you are in final year you are eligible to apply. age limit for woman candidate is ,  should have been born not earlier than January 2, 1996 and not later than January 2, 2002. woman's are only eligible to apply in Officers’ Training Academy (SSC Women Non-Technical Course), the eligibility criteria is bachelors degree in any discipline.

hope it would help.


after clearing the cds exam what will happen

Shivangini Bhatt 19th Feb, 2020
CDA exam is a gateway to the SSB interview. If a candidate manages to clear the CDS Written Exam then he/she will get a chance to show his prowes in the SSB Interview. It is essential to clear the CDS cutoff in order to appear for SSB Interview. If the candidate manages to clear the SSB interview then he/she will be appearing for the document verification and medical examination. After that, the candidate will be sent to the academy for training to become an officer.

sir, i am pursuing integrated ( MBA - B. tech) in Computer Science and Engineering. so, whether I am eligible for the CDS entrance exam Or not ?

Kalpana Sharma 19th Feb, 2020
Hi Chinmaya,
Hope you are doing great.
Yes, you are eligible for the CDS( Combined Defence Services ) exam as the basic eligibility to appear for this exam is to have graduation in any discipline with 50% marks in it.
However, under this exam , there are academies and it has different qualifications required as Air Force or Navy demands of having mainly engineering branch while in OTA and IMA ,you can go with any desirable course.
Hope it helps.

Best Wishes

i am intrested in CDS OTA 2020 i want to know is OTA sylabus of GK And english same as iMA and navy

Sharon Rose Student Expert 18th Feb, 2020
The syllabus for CDS will be same for IMA, INA, AFA and OTA.For IMA, INA, AFA candidates need to appear in Elementary Mathematics paper too.Here is the syllabus for ENGLISH and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sentence correction
  • Jumbled sentence
  • Reading comprehension
  • Finding errors and omissions
  • Tenses & verb
  • Vocabulary

General Knowledge
  • History
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Indian polity
  • Current affairs
  • Economics
  • Books and authors

You can click the link below for other detailed information
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